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Styling... I have been doing it ever since I can remember. It all started with my barbies, when I did not have the exact piece I was imagining, I would make it. My daughter still plays with a few of my original designs!

I can remember some of my favorite outfits as a child and how I would feel accomplished and complete when they were perfectly matched and simply right.

As I grew, I was able to use my talents to help friends and siblings with their style. 

And now that photo to the left is me. Still perfectly matched and simply right, and nurturing my passion for serving others through helping them feel their ultimate style.

I am a mother of two (one girl and one cat) and married to the man of my dreams. Although these roles bring their challenges, they also give me new opportunities to love, learn and grow everyday. 

If you are interested in reading more on my vegan, eco-conscious lifestyle and personal
journey, check out my Blog. You can follow me on Instagram to see my daily outfits, or send me and email.

I love making genuine connections and helping you be the best you!



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“Melania Leocadia has styled me for several occasions. She not only styled me, but
also my children and husband for our family pictures. I tell her the look I want and
through my own closet she puts it all together. She makes sure I feel comfortable in
what I’m wearing, picking accessories, and suggesting hair and makeup ideas. She
does it all and I always LOVE how I look!”


Melania is great to work with, her great style reflects on every outfit she puts together. I have worked with Melania several times and she impressed me every time with her attitude and professionalism. I recommend Melania and look forward to working with her again.


I had a great experience with Melania and I totally recommend her services. She really knows what she is doing and her style is so unique and versatile which gaurentees that she'll have the perfect/outfit advice for any occasion. 


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