The Sustainable Fashion Stylist- Here Kitty Kitty

Who would have though that I would have a platform to share about my cat? If you know me well, who would have thought I would ever have a cat?! Trust me, I never thought that I would be a pet person or writing a blog about how much I love a cat. Here I am now, so grateful that I am a pet person and so grateful to have the opportunity to write a blog post ALL ABOUT MY CAT!

Growing up my family had animals, but I never associated with the feelings of having a pet. Animals were meant to be outside and away from me. Their breath smelled, they got hair everywhere and there was always the fear of them actually jumping on me!

Fast forward to just a few years ago, when I was learning all about love and letting it in, I began to understand the interactions between pets and the people they loved. The ice began to thaw, and finally my husband and daughter talked me into getting a pet. I agreed to a cat. And it would be an outdoor cat only. HA!

After the first week of having Lillian inside “because he was too small to be outside all night”, he had already found his favorite place on the couch and I was hooked. He is such a chatty kitty and he is so loud and I love it. He also LOVES love, he directs us to exactly how he wants to be pet and gets so comfortable that we are hostage until he decides he has had enough. I have trained him (when he feels like it) to give me kisses and say mama (again, when he feels like it). I love playing with him when he is in psycho kitty mode and he is the most handsome kitty I ever did see.

I realize now that having a pet does not mean less love to go around- it is more love! Owning a pet does not mean a dirty house- it is a great reason to clean more often! And having a pet to care for is not another item on the list of things to take care of, but an opportunity to feel even more appreciated because they just love you!!

I shared a few other tidbits on my handsome price on my IG page. Be sure to check it out if you are interested in why our male cat is named Lillian. LOL I will also be posting a poll on my stories for the next blog topic. Thanks for reading and BE WELL!