The Sustainable Fashion Stylist- Inside-Out Approach to Life

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Thank you to everyone who participated in my Instagram story poll. The tallies are totaled and a blog post on lifestyle was the winner!

So, lifestyle encompasses a myriad of things… food, travel, exercise, money… maybe next time I’ll be a little more specific on my topic poll? Lol

However, I’m grateful for this opportunity to write this blog post on the topic of lifestyle as a whole, to share about my inside-out approach in every lifestyle choice I make.

I’ll first share about my lifestyle experience of living from an inside-out approach, then end the post with a few things you can implement in your life if living from the inside out sounds right for you. J Enjoy!

What is an inside-out approach to life? It means making sure I take care of myself first. I’m not talking about getting my hair done or buying myself stuff (though that does play a part in selfcare), I’m talking about listening to what’s going on within myself and respecting where I am no matter what. Over the years I have become aware of physical and emotional symptoms that alert me to something subconscious that needs to be addressed.

For example, one of the biggest red flags for me, is if my digestive system isn’t working properly. I KNOW there is something going on emotionally that I haven’t addressed. I usually have to make an appointment with my therapist where we work together to unload and understand my feelings and what the trigger was. After that I must do something nice for myself (that’s where selfcare comes in). Usually by then I can discuss whatever is going on with my husband or someone else I trust, and the physical tension is released.

An example from the opposite end of the spectrum, is if I’m feeling super happy and excited, I must create a plan for a “come down”. This means scheduling some down time for relaxing and self-care activities. I ALWAYS have a come down from feeling really great and learning to create a healthy come down has helped my stay away from the hole of depression I am prone to falling into.

If I am making sure to care for myself from the inside first, I can trust that every decision I make on the outside will be for my highest good. Putting my needs first is not selfish, it’s self-full.

What are some things you can implement to start living from the inside out?

  1. Journaling- Sitting down at the end of your day, or anytime that feels right for you, and writing about a high or a low moment in your day holds a lot of power. The more often you write, the easier it becomes to see patterns in one’s self. Getting things down on paper creates a kind of safety, where you can be honest and open with yourself. Honesty is a key to an inside-out approach to life.
  2. Positive Affirmations- Creating a list of positive affirmations to repeat to yourself in difficult moments is important for self-respect, another key in an inside-out approach to life. Self-talk creates our reality, seriously. So, having a prepared list of positive things to say to yourself is extremely helpful in low moments. It affirms that you love and respect yourself just the way you are!
  3. See a therapist- Having a trained professional to go to can be (and has been for me) one of the most important tools in living from the inside-out. A therapist can help guide you through important decisions, give you valuable tools to implement in your life, and it is always a judgment free zone!

Thoughts? Please feel free to share any experience, strength or hope you may have on this topic in the comments below. Don’t forget to follow my stories to cast your vote on the next topic!

May your day be filled with love and beauty,