The Sustainable Fashion Stylist- Of the Same

This month I spent a weekend in Santa Rosa, New Mexico. It was our first annual siblings get together (it might be bi-annual, we are still working out those details). Having been over three years since all seven of us siblings had been together, being a party of 18 (with two in-laws missing and two new cousins on the way) was a BLAST, I had forgotten what a beautiful, fun loving group of people we are. This blog post gives me the opportunity to share about what my part in that three-year distancing was, how awesome the vacation turned out, and the takeaways I brought home with me to my life in Austin. I am so grateful. Thanks for stopping in to read. 😊

Over the past three and a half years I have experienced a tremendous amount of growth. This growth has been rooted in self love and spirituality. To begin my healing process, which was the first step towards this growth, I distanced myself from my family of origin. It did not happen all on one day but was a gradual fading out from the family first mentality I had grown up with. I moved away to Austin and for once in my life did not make others my priority. By default, this meant that I chose not to go to family get togethers or force relationships that faded.

I was actually the one who proposed the idea of the get together. I had come to a place where I was ready to reconnect without judgement or shame. The feelings of excitement and eagerness for a sibling reunion was a huge sign of progress in my personal growth journey.

I am SO GLAD we made it happen. We stayed in motel style accommodations so we had a row of rooms we kept moving the party to (why yes, of course we got complaints of being too loud). We had a great time eating out and jumping into the famous Blue Hole. Do you know the saying “picked up right where we left off”? That is the perfect description of how this vacation felt for me. It was great cracking old jokes and sharing stupidly hilarious memes, complimenting each, sharing stories and just plain being around people who are genetically of the same. Did I mention how cute all of our kids are? 😉

As I reviewed the weekend on my way home to Austin a few things had stuck with me.

The first was how important it is to just listen to people you care about. Each and everyone of my siblings is on their own journey, and however different it looks from mine, I want to be all love and support of them. I have learned that love and support are the simplest gifts to give, all whilst giving the greatest benefit.

The second big takeaway was a physical reminder. All my siblings are in healthy physical condition, a couple even went for a morning run (while I was in the hotel eating bread). Being around that kind of physical care was a great reminder to get back on track with a physical exercise routine, no matter how small it may be. So for the month of August, I have committed (and so far stuck with) starting my day off with some exercise. That has been anything from a run to a quick five-minute ab workout. It is getting me back into the swing of exercising and I am so grateful for that reminder. I am also doing a gluten detox this month because I ate so much damn bread on the trip. I have found it is not as hard as I thought it would be (much like being vegan)!

Last but not least, I was reminded of how grateful I am for my life. I have made so many positive changes and many of them are difficult to keep up with, but I know that without working at them, my life will fall to pieces. I am in a loving supportive relationship, I am a great mom and I practice what I preach. Though it may not be the most glamorous life, it is an honest life filled with possibilities. I am so happy to be me and I am so grateful to be connected with such a fine group of humans. Cheers to us.

Melania Leocadia #6