The Sustainable Fashion Stylist- Plastic Free July

How many of you have heard or read about the plastic free July movement? Choosing to move away from plastic may sound like a daunting task, it seems like it is in everything.

I found that breaking the change down into small actionable steps has allowed me to revolutionize my life, one baby step at a time. In this blog post, I want to share one small change that I know is making a BIG impact- choosing to no longer use single use plastic straws. Finding the right alternatives is important, so I have also provided links to a few products that can hopefully make your transition away from single use plastic straws easier. I hope this helps!

 I am so grateful that people are becoming conscious about the effects our human wastes are having on the environment. The statistics on single use plastic straws are ASTOUNDING- Americans use 500 million straws A DAY. It may seem like a tiny inconsequential piece of plastic to use and discard, however during just one year, in America only, that totals almost 2 BILLION straws that do not compost. Do we think they just magically disappear? They do not.

If those facts made you feel just a little bit uneasy, good. The truth of our plastic consumption is disturbing, but there is something we can do about it! Below are three alternatives my family uses in order to avoid single use plastic straws.

  • Do not use straws. Period.

This is my course of action and one that I believe makes the largest impact. I carry around a reusable tumbler and have many of my drinks poured right into it. If I forget it and get something in a single use cup (because no, I am not perfect) I simply forgo using a straw. That usually means I do not need to get single use top either. I drink it straight from the lip of the cup, gasp!!

  • Carry around paper or compostable single use straws.

As much as I want to force my family to do what I think is best for the environment, I know that is not a loving way to create change. My daughter enjoys drinking from a straw and I cannot force her see the problem. So, I take action that a mother can. I carry around paper straws. She still gets to use a straw and I still get to forgo single use plastic. Paper straws are available almost anywhere: Target, Michaels and finding them online is super easy. Below is a link to a variety of compostable straws that can be purchased in bulk, and about a year’s worth of straws only costs about $20.  

Compostable Straws

  • Purchase or make a reusable cup with a reusable straw.

My husband also likes using a straw but he does not want to carry around paper straws. So, he purchased a reusable cup that came equipped with a hardy reusable straw. There are also fun ways to make your own! Below is a link to the cup my husband currently uses as well as a link for a DIY mason jar tumbler.

Bubba Reusable Cup

DIY Mason Jar Cup

As always, I hope this blog has been helpful. Even just small steps like not using straws can make a big change on a large scale. Join the movement, I dare you. ;)

Melania Leocadia

*Photo cred to @christianmetznerbrandenburg on Instagram*