The Sustainable Fashion Stylist- The Power in Choice

May has been a whirlwind of a month! Thanks for stopping in to read. I wanted to take this blog opportunity to share about some stuff that has been coming up for me around choice.

I believe that each of us has power in the choices we make. The choices we make CREATE OUR REALITY. If you have ever heard speeches from highly successful individuals, the messages are always very similar- choosing to do what you love, choosing to be persistent and disciplined, choosing to accept change… All of those are HARD choices to make in a society where the easy choice seems like the only choice.

There are days when I feel exhausted and getting dinner at a fast food restaurant is so tempting. Purchasing a product that might save me money or might work better on fighting a stain is hard to resist. Watching shows or spending time on social media before bed sounds like a good idea, and I could get something suuuuuper cute for like five bucks at Forever 21… All those things will give me instant gratification, and yet I continually CHOOSE to NOT do them. Why?

Because I am not one for choosing the easy way. I never have been.

If there is a better, more effective way of doing something, I MUST do it. Trying to continue doing something with the knowledge that there is a better way causes me physical pain. I literally have digestive problems or trouble sleeping. I feel angry, upset, and anxious.

So, making the choice to take time to prepare healthy vegan meals at home and shopping small local grocers or farmers markets feels good overall. Spending a little more money on eco friendly products, meditating, doing self help work, and resisting the urge to shop fast fashion is my part in making sure there is a world to live in for the future. All of those seemingly harder choices will have the highest impact for my highest good. THAT is why I choose to live my life the way I do, forgoing instant gratification for long term benefits.

If I have a day when easy is tempting, I throw on a podcast or YouTube video on something that helps remind me of why I choose the road less traveled. I’ve listed a few links to some of my favorites at the end of this blog. I highly recommend listening to some of them, they are inspiring.

I am not perfect and I never want to be. I just strive to be the best me, because choosing that FEELS GOOD!

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