The Sustainable Fashion Stylist- Vegan Substitutes for Meat Eaters

For the month of September, I will be participating in the Vegan Month of Food challenge on  Instagram. To kick things off, this blog post will give a few alternatives to meat that I found helpful in making the transition away from meat. Thanks for the suggestion via my IG stories! Hope this is helpful for anyone wanting to move away from meat, but afraid of feeling deprived. 

I will first list a few products that are my family's favorite meat substitutes. It probably differs in each city, but if you cannot find them at your regular grocery store, try a smaller specialty store or local co-op grocer. 

At the end of this blog I will link a few of our favorite recipes to try out to give no meat meals a shot. Hope this is helpful!

 Meat Alternatives

1) Beyond Meat Burgers- These 100% plant based burgers are AMAZING. The 100% plant based burger looks, tastes, smells and even sizzles like a beef patty. My omnivore husband says they taste BETTER than regular beef burgers! Try one, I dare you!

2) Quorn Chicken Patties- These 100% plant based "chicken" patties are so good, I love having them as an alternative for sandwiches, salads and even just on their own. My daughter loves dipping them in ketchup. They taste like chicken and have the same consistency too. Crazy!

Now for the recipes! I suggest inviting a friend or two over who are also interested in trying new flavors/dishes. Make a meal together and see what everyone thinks. Plant based meals are surprisingly flavorful!


1) Quinoa Meatballs- I was skeptical about trying anything "meatball" that was vegan, but the picture of these quinoa meatballs looked pretty tasty and it seemed like a recipe Gianna and I could make together. I gave it a go and they were a HIT for everyone! The recipe makes quite a bit so we had them with pasta one night, as a meatball sandwich the next and I put them in my salads for an extra layer of flavor. A blender or food processor is required so keep that in mind for trying them out.  

2) Buffalo Cauliflower Wings- I was never a fan of buffalo sauce until I tried buffalo cauliflower wings. No they do not taste like chicken, they are wayyyyyy better. I prefer ordering them from restaurants, but the times we have made them at home they have been delicious as well. Super easy transition food! And you can even find vegan ranch or blue cheese for dipping. 

3) Tempeh Chili- I love Frito Pie. Always have, always will. So when transitioning to being vegan I had to find the perfect recipe for my favorite dish. This chili is super tasty and packed with nutrients and proteins that anyone looking to bulk up will love. The recipe turns a large batch, making it a perfect dish for potlucks or weekly meal preps.  

I hope all of these are a helpful start in your exploration in plant based eating. Let me know in the comments below or on my Instagram if you tried anything and what you thought! Enjoy!