The Sustainable Fashion Stylist- Why I Went Vegan Part 3

Last and final post for the series on why I am vegan. I condensed reason number 3 and my conclusion into one blog post, this final one. This will be my most opinionated post of the series because it is a truly spiritual aspect for me.

Reason number three: FEMALE ANIMAL RIGHTS.

I was never a big animal person and through the year and a half of converting to being a vegetarian, animals were never my reason. I knew some of the facts of inhumane treatment, but I was still able to justify eating animal by products (eggs and dairy) because I liked how it tasted. No better reason, just that.

My best friend came to Austin to visit and she had gone vegan. I was honestly so surprised, how had she given up cheese and eggs??? She introduced me to a YouTube channel, Bite Size Vegan. I knew if it was enough to turn her vegan, there would be no going back after watching those videos. It was time to make that final leap away from eating any animals products.

A few days after she left I turned on a video. I chose to watch one on the dairy industry. I cannot describe the searing pain I felt in my heart and soul from the pain and suffering humans put female animals through.

Have you ever wondered how female cows so readily supply the cow’s milk we humans consume in exorbitant amounts? The female cow must be impregnated year after year. Her babies are taken from her to ensure that all the milk in her teats, intended for her baby, can be pumped from her body. After her lifespan is cut in half because of the brutality of slavery, her body can no longer produce milk and she is no longer of use. She is then killed.

How many feminists (or people in general) would rise to defend a human woman being raped every year, having her babies torn from her breasts? How harshly would the slave drivers and murderers, who used her body to sell her milk and kill her when she could no longer produce for them, be persecuted for such offenses?

In this intense period of social change, where women are revolting against the injustices of systems that oppress us, how can we sit back and stir milk into our coffee and not bat an eye at the cruelty and injustice of how our female animal sisters are treated? How can we purchase blocks of cheese to bring home and feed to our children as part of a “wholesome” meal?

I cannot be a part of an institution that does not respect the sanctity of motherhood, the natural processes of life, or abuses the miracle of procreation. Let us face it, without female animals, the entire animal industry would be out. Without females on this planet, there would be no more humanity. I ask you to share the same respect you give the women in your lives to every other female being on this planet, no matter their form.

Animals do not have a voice. But we do.


Being vegan is my personal choice. As you have read it is not a diet simply devoid of meat, but full of fruits and vegetables. It is not a diet of deprivation, but a diet of transformation for the sake of our existence on this planet. It is not a diet of cruelty and abuse, but a diet of love and respect. 

Being vegan is a part of my spiritual path. It is a choice I can make for myself and no one else. Neither my daughter or husband is vegan and I am so grateful for the opportunity of practicing loving detachment from their choices.

I hope these blogs gave you resources if you are curious about going vegan. I hope these blog posts caused you to be more aware of the food you are consuming if you had no idea what it meant to be vegan. And as always, thank you from the bottom of my heart for stopping in to read.